We are doing our best to create, modify, enhance the business environment, and adjust to new market conditions due to COVID-19. We strive to expand opportunities for everyone and look forward to partnering with various professionals, banks, leasing/insurance companies, lawyers and other professionals from the finance community.

Discover opportunities If you are a certified (licensed) evaluation professional, auditor, patent attorney or IP specialist, you can become a part of our transnational professional community thus starting our mutual cooperation. Use your professional licenses and accreditations to gain additional income with us worldwide.

To be a London Rate partner, we are happy to help you to complete a London Rate accreditation procedure and become an official service provider of IP assets' registration and evaluation services.

Additionally, we like to incentivize our partners through our referral’s partnership program.

Thus, for your consideration the following options of partnership presented:

Option 1: 10% bonus (for referral of a potential client for individuals and legal entities). Kindly note the bonuses will be applicable only upon the service sale closure.

Option 2: Licensed partner (for individuals, certified (licensed) evaluation professional, auditor, patent attorney or IP specialist).

  • 1. Transfer contacts and clients.
  • 2. Receive bonuses (including referral 10 % bonus).
  • 3. Introduce yourself on behalf of London Rate.
  • 4. Gain income through services rendering through Landon Rate platform.

How Referral Partnership Program it works

  • 1 step - Tell your business partners, clients, friends about our London Rate services.
  • 2 step - Interested parties engage with London Rate for the services to be provided.
  • 3 step - London Rate pays Referral Bonus to you as a Referrer.

For more details, please feel free to contact us on the following email address: