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IP-Share is a share on Intellectual Property portfolio of business project. Description of IP-Shares registration, valuation and issuance
procedure is described here.

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$472,8 M

Total Invested Amount in Startup Projects
with protected and valued
Intellectual Property

$9,12 B

Consolidated Capitalized Value
of Projects' Intellectual Assets recorded in
Financial Statements

14 Deals

Successful Cases of Selling
Intellectual Property for Private and
Institutional Investors

List of Active Investment Opportunities
for Investors to buy IP-Shares of Business Projects:

Successful Fundraising Cases

Edtech & Vocal Teaching
$3 M
UAE & CIS Region
IT-Device Manufacturing
$9.1 M
China, UAE, Kazakhstan
$25 M
Europe and Balitcs
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Dr. Sandjar Muminov
Dr. Sandjar Muminov
President of SANDJAR GROUP

Chief Legal and Intellectual Property Expert - Dr. Sandjar Muminov is an international expert in the field of intellectual property protection and monetization with successful experience in 35 countries. Featured in FORBES publication. Resides permanently in the UAE, Dubai.

At the end of 2018, at the 5th Annual Congress of the IIPLA (International Intellectual Property Law Association, USA-UK), Dr. Sandjar Muminov was recognized as one of the best experts in the world in the field of intellectual property with the award of the "Golden Diploma" (World TOP-5).

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Our team of experts, consultants, advisers, accountants, managers and specialists is high-level qualified and can communicate in English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Kazakh, and Uzbek languages.

The description of IP-Shares is available here

Frequently Asked Questions

The common benefits that you can gain from IP-valuation are:
to determine the value of the contribution to the authorized capital and/ or in case of sales
purchase transactions, M&A, licensing & franchising to establish the value of your IP or the value of right assignments;
to optimize taxes as in many countries worldwide taxation system allows certain
preferences and taxation reliefs for intellectual property assets transactions; to attract investments due to evaluated IP-Portfolio;

The key differences between the packages lay in the sense of practical usage of the issued valuation.

If the basic automatically generated free valuation (Universal Package) provides you general understanding of value of IP-assets, but with the least practical usage (you can have it for your own acknowledgment and use it internally in your own company).

Other two valuation packages have serious distinctions in the practical use and recognition by legal entities (for the valuation package Validation), and by legal entities and official authorities, state courts (for valuation package Verification).

You can find more about IP-valuation packages here

First step is to fill in the enquiry form provided on our website where you have to put your personal details.

Shortly, one of our experts contact you for clarification of necessary details to understand your current status of IP and ask you to submit certain documentation to carry out IP-Valuation.

List of documents submitted for examination and evaluation may vary from case to case depending on the purposes that must be achieved by the carried out evaluation.

The KYC procedure is not a mandatory step if you select the option of valuation package - Universal.

However, if you are going to proceed with the valuation packages - Validation & Verification - KYC procedure is a mandatory requirement stipulated by London Rate internal compliance reglaments.

KYC usually refers to the process of verifying the identity of our customers, either before or during the time that they start doing business with London Rate.

From our side, we assure that all personal information received by us during business dealings is kept in confidential and duly-preserved manner.

It is worth mentioning that not all the packages allow you to present a valuation report in front of official bodies. The valuation packages like Universal & Validation do not provide this feature.

However, the valuation package - Verification allows you to submit the report in front of any interested official body. The guarantee is presented that each Verification valuation report is signed by a licensed independent appraiser who bears full responsibility with his/her professional appraisers licence.